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Just wanted to draw a girl in big clothes. *BTW it’s already so hot where I live that I’ve had nosebleeds everyday the past week ;_;
A postcard I designed for future events.

I’m always like “yeah, I’m so documenting this illustration process” and then I get all exited coloring and forget to capture everything. Anyway I guessed I should share the little bits I did get.

Oh! and If you wanna see a slightly larger version of the result come check it out on My DeviantArt

last post of the year. I don’t know if this make sense in places outside México, So I’ll explain: people wear yellow underwear on new year because they believe it will bring them wealth the upcomming year (if what they want is love, i.e. a new relationship or to keep the current one stable, they wear red undies instead).
Anyway, Happy New Year!
It’s so cold right now and I’m here posting bikini stuff… yep.

Random Russian girl

Pffff i deleted my own post -getting so confused with tumblr app-
test speed paint done in my iconia using the Artflow app.

Everytime I neglect a blog my soul dies a bit. So i’ll drop these as a token of love 

My laptop broke, I’m so very very sad ;_; anyway, here’s some stuff from one of my sketchbooks :P
Got conjunctivitis… my eyes hurt like bitch… but whatever.
Couldn’t resist! -stupid swimming anime- LOL